Top quality feed, Superior Fish!
Fish feed is the most important ingredient of the fish growth rate. Noordzee produces fish feed with the extruder technology in its integrated fish feed plant, which is one of the biggest feed plants in Turkey with 100.000 tons per year production capacity.

Noordzee Fish Feed Plant is the most recent factory built to serve the aquaculture industry and is superior to its rivals in terms of technology, machine and process design and equipment quality.

Noordzee employs the highest technology available including Process Control Systems (PCS) in production, Expansion Control System (ECS), and Vacuum Coating. Fully automated production process is designed to produce high quality fish feed, for both Noordzee’s own fish production and other aquaculture companies who require high quality fish feed.

The production facility also has the medicated production line. Noordzee’s fish feed production plant is the first facility to produce medicated fish feed with vacuum coating technique in Turkey.

GLOBAL GAP standards are applied for achieving strict quality measures at all levels of production and maintain traceability.

Moreover, the trends in nutritional techniques and production technologies are closely monitored and applied via Research and Development works. Therefore, the balance of fish feed performance, high quality and affordability is sustained.

Environmental sustainability is also an important issue in Noordzee’s production, while producing high quality fish feed and create value added to the fast growing aquaculture industry.

100.000 Tons of
Feed Production
Per Year

Feed Production
Extruder Technology

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